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Telepresence Solutions

End-to-end video collaboration solutions that integrates seamlessly with other business technologies to deliver compelling and real-time communication. Telepresence empowers people to work together in new ways to transform business and do more with less.

Room Remediation

A combination of proper acoustics, lighting, network design, interior design and audio-visual system creates a room that offers the highest level of ease-of-use for clientele. These elements are essential in providing a natural and truly immersive experience.

Room Management and Automation

With one touch, automated control systems allows for a series of orchestrated events to be put in motion – from preparing a conference room for presentation to setting the mood at home for entertaining.

Systems Integration

Putting different system and technologies together to create a seamless and highly functional business environment.

Audio-Visual System

Take your presentation to the next level. With a wide array of high caliber audio and video products, we can help you find the best equipment to fulfill your needs.

Cloud Services

Telepresence-as-a-service delivered via cloud solutions provides scalable collaboration and conferencing across businesses and customers. Enhanced with video collaboration application, the power of video communications can become more reachable.