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Benefits of using Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Digital two-way radio technologies such as the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard offer a number of major benefits compared with analogue systems, including improved audio quality, greater functionality, stronger security and better channel efficiency.  We’ve listed down 7 benefits of using a digital radio.

Why use digital radio?

1. Double channel capacity

2. Easy migration to digital

3. Can use existing infrastructure equipment

4. More power, more battery life

5. Data applications

6. Advance control features

7. Better audio quality


If you are still using analogue, it is certainly worth considering a switch to digital. Conctact us today to know more about our Critical Communication Solutions.

The importance of Data Center in businesses

What is Data Center?

A data center is a physical facility that businesses use to house critical applications and data. A data center’s design is based on a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data. The key components of a data center design include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application-delivery controllers.

Why Data Centers are important in businesses?

Data centers support almost all computation, data storage, and network and business applications for the enterprise. To the extent that the business of a modern enterprise is run on computers, the data center is the business.

In the world of enterprise IT, data centers are designed to support business applications and activities that include:

+ Email and file sharing

+ Productivity applications

+ Customer relationship management (CRM)

+ Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and databases

+ Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

+ Virtual desktops, communications and collaboration services

There are several factors to consider when building a data center. Microdata, the leading AV/ICT provider in the Philippines with over 42 years of experience can help your business build an efficient, reliable and secured data center. Schedule a meeting with our team today!

Cisco SASE benefits that you need to know

Cisco SASE benefits that you need to know

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offers an alternative to traditional data center-oriented security. It unifies networking and security services into a cloud-delivered service to provide access and security from edge to edge — including the data center, remote offices, roaming users, and beyond.

Key benefits of using SASE

  • Simplify management by consolidating points solutions in a single service
  • Deploy with confidence, thanks to flexible consumption models that scale with your business.
  • Make your business more agile
  • Secure direct-to-internet access, cloud app usage, and roaming users across any device, anywhere
  • Reduce reliance on appliances, streamlining network and security operations in the cloud
  • Converge resources with an efficient as-a-service model

Securing the modern network requires a great deal of time, energy, and resources that organizations don’t always have.

Contact Microdata today to know more about the benefits of CISCO SASE to your business.

Increase productivity with Document Management System

Benefits of having a Document Management System

Converting a huge trail of papers to digital may seem to be a lot of work. However, investing in a document management system helps to streamline workflow and improve productivity.

  1. Free up space – Reducing the need to have a storage space like cabinets and boxes is a valuable asset to any business, freeing up precious office space.
  2. Enhanced security – Security is critical for business especially for sensitive documents that needs extra protection. DMS allows you to have better control of data access as well as tracing and tagging.
  3. Easier document retrieval – Searching for and retrieving documents can be very time-consuming. With the use of DMS, it can be a time-saving tool that uses keywords or phrase to track a certain document. Remote access is also another feature of having a DMS where in you can access files anywhere at any time.
  4. Collaborate better – The ability to access files anytime, anywhere gives your business great flexibility to simplify work process. Authorized access by different users can be allowed and monitored at the same time.
  5. Good for backup and recovery – Protected from any disaster such as fire and flood, having a DMS gives you a peace of mind. Digital files are stored in a secured server which can be tracked reducing the likelihood of misfiled or lost data.
  6. Increase business productivity – Time is valuable for every business and time saved from having a document management system translates into increased productivity.

Improve your business workflow today. Go digital by implementing a Document Management System! Contact Microdata to know more about this solution.

The Microdata Virtual showroom is now LIVE!

Microdata Systems and Management Inc. has enhanced its digital strategy by introducing their very own virtual showroom, giving customers immersive experience of the Microdata solutions.

Simulating the installed solutions per room, customers can easily navigate around the virtual room. It offers 360-degree view of the virtual space while being able to view the product description via the clickable ‘hotspots’. The virtual showroom is accessible across multiple devices such as computers, laptops and even mobile phones.

This project pushes the possibilities to enable seamless customer experience by bring the showroom directly at their finger tip.

Visit the explore that virtual showroom here:

Amplify your voice with LRAS150 portable speaker

Let your voice be heard with LRAS150 Mass Notification Speaker from DSPPA. It is a portable and lightweight audio system that can be used for various application such as election campaigns, disaster operations, mobile patrols and indoor seminars & talks.

The LRAS150 is built tough with its rugged and waterproof design. Designed to last up to 12 hours of use when fully charged it is considered as a reliable independent audio system that can deployed anywhere.


– Can last up to 12 hours when fully charged

– Rugged waterproof design

– Portable and lightweight

– Built-in bluetooth, USB and FM

– Includes handheld mic

– Up to 3KM transmission

– With alarm and disperce system

Contact us to know more about LRAS150 and how it can improve your election campaigns, disaster operations, mobile patrols and seminars.

MDS Scans

Your first line of defense

Microdata SCANS (Scanning Control Access and Notification System) is a non-contact thermal scanner that detects body temperature as well as facial features of the person. It is easy to install and can be integrated with your attendance system.

Here are 3 features of Microdata SCANS that you may consider.

1.Operates on a wide range of temperature

Using an external temperature measurement module, the temperature measurement accuracy is not affected by the working temperature of the fuselage, and can work within the range of -30C to 70C.

2.Rapid facial identification

Visual identification is done by advance binocular cameras that supports live detection even from 3 meters. It also supports high temperature detection which activates an alarm.

3.Attendance integration

Our advanced contactless scanning solution can be integrated into an attendance system which can provide access control to its user.


Message us to know more about Microdata SCANS.

Microdata Clearance Sale

Microdata 2022 Clearance Sale

Start 2022 right by getting awesome deals from various tech brands! Enjoy up to 80% off on the Microdata Clearance Sale.


Here is our Top 5 picks that you might want to consider getting.

1. Mimio Xi Wireless Kit

– The Mimio Xi Wireless Kit enables non-interactive projectors to have the ability to get interactive. Just by pairing the USB dongle to a projector the Mimio Xi Wireless Kit it will allow you to write directly on the screen using the electronic pen that is included in the bundle. Best buy for schools and institutions that wants to make learning more fun by adding interactive solutions into the classroom.

2. Panasonic Portable Projector

– Various Panasonic portable projectors are included in the sale. Starting from 2,000 lumens, these projectors are capable enough to do business presentations in your office or be a home entertainment. Expect excellent image quality and build from these projectors as they are Japan made products.

3. Grandview Motorized Screen

– You may want to pair the portable projector with a motorized screen to complete your setup. Achieve a vivid and crisp image with this projector screen. Perfect for meeting rooms and home theatre! Available sizes are 70×70 and 60×60.

4. Metas Educational Toy

– Exercise you children’s brain with our METAS educational toy. You can choose from 5 different variants that your child will surely like. This Lego like toy is easy to build since it comes with instruction manual.

5. Logitech Headset and Webcam

– Need an exceptional webcam and headset for your Work-from-Home setup? We’ve got the best pair that will surely enhance your virtual meetings. Included in our sale is the Logitech H570e USB headset and C505e HD webcam.

Head over to our Lazada page and add to cart now! Our clearance sale will last from January 1 – 31, 2022 only.


Dicentis digital conference system for the NEW normal

The Dicentis wireless conference system provides the perfect solution for these needs. It optimize speech intelligibility and meeting efficiency, while providing maximum flexibility in system set-up to apply physical distancing and the easy interfacing with third party online communication platforms for remote participation.

Microdata in partnership with Bosch held a webinar to discuss about the Dicentis digital conference system and how it can improve meetings and conference during critical situations such as a pandemic. Bosch Philippines has partnered with their counterpart in Singapore in order to share and discuss possible solutions when using their technology.

The webinar was held through Cisco Webex. A secured and reliable video conferencing solution that can be used for computers and mobile devices.

To learn more about these solutions, you may visit our website at or you may call us at 8705-7777.


Advance KVM solution for mission critical environment

Control Rooms and command center are the heart of any organization with mission critical operations. It is the key to the functioning of a variety of industry including airports/ air traffic management, land traffic, Maritime, government and defense, public safety and security telecommunications, first responder and many more.

Microdata in partnership with IHSE held a webinar to discuss about the advantages of using KVM in mission critical environement. IHSE designs and manufacture flexible and highly secured KVM which are manufactured in Germany.

The webinar was held through Cisco Webex. A secured and reliable video conferencing solution that can be used for computers and mobile devices.

To learn more about these solutions, you may visit our website at or you may call us at 8705-7777.