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Amplify your voice with LRAS150 portable speaker

Let your voice be heard with LRAS150 Mass Notification Speaker from DSPPA. It is a portable and lightweight audio system that can be used for various application such as election campaigns, disaster operations, mobile patrols and indoor seminars & talks.

The LRAS150 is built tough with its rugged and waterproof design. Designed to last up to 12 hours of use when fully charged it is considered as a reliable independent audio system that can deployed anywhere.


– Can last up to 12 hours when fully charged

– Rugged waterproof design

– Portable and lightweight

– Built-in bluetooth, USB and FM

– Includes handheld mic

– Up to 3KM transmission

– With alarm and disperce system

Contact us to know more about LRAS150 and how it can improve your election campaigns, disaster operations, mobile patrols and seminars.

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