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MDS Scans

Your first line of defense

Microdata SCANS (Scanning Control Access and Notification System) is a non-contact thermal scanner that detects body temperature as well as facial features of the person. It is easy to install and can be integrated with your attendance system.

Here are 3 features of Microdata SCANS that you may consider.

1.Operates on a wide range of temperature

Using an external temperature measurement module, the temperature measurement accuracy is not affected by the working temperature of the fuselage, and can work within the range of -30C to 70C.

2.Rapid facial identification

Visual identification is done by advance binocular cameras that supports live detection even from 3 meters. It also supports high temperature detection which activates an alarm.

3.Attendance integration

Our advanced contactless scanning solution can be integrated into an attendance system which can provide access control to its user.


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